Hoima for Jesus Mission – Uganda

We entered Hoima expectant to see God’s Kingdom come into a place that is being held in the cold grip of a religious cult; where prostitution, and heavy drinking is on the rise.

During our 10 days in Hoima, the gospel was preached to every portion of society. There were outreaches in schools, prisons, on sports fields, in churches and in the markets. Over 6000 people accepted Christ as their saviour and a church was planted in Kyesiga. We thank God for all that He has done in Hoima and we thank you for making this mission possible. Because of your support, Christ’s light shines more brightly in Hoima and lasting change has been made.



Over 6000 people accepted Christ as their saviour and a church was planted in Kyesiga.

Gospel Rallies

Four different Gospel rallies were held during our time in Hoima in which over 1100 people made commitments to Christ. The amplification could be heard from miles away which drew larger crowds every night and the atmosphere was electric with joy and the expectation of God’s presence.
Many shared testimonies of how their lives had been changed as they encountered Christ.


A Healed Marriage

Henry was on the verge of losing his marriage and his children. After being separated for some time  and with no communication between them, some suggested to Henry to get advice from a witch-doctor but he resisted.

IMG_2141“I heard announcements about the Hoima for Jesus mission. I decided to attend even though I was fu  ll of bitterness and confused about my situation. I have resisted accepting Christ until now, but when I heard what was said about God’s love I knew I couldn’t resist anymore and I felt relieved then and there. I went home praying for my wife and our marriage. Shortly after I arrived home I received a call from her asking to come back. I am so thankful to God for saving my family and I promise to serve Him all the days of my life.”

Church Plant in Kyesiga

IMG_2155Kyesiga is an area known for it’s nightlife. We held one of our first gospel rallies there because it is a hot bed of prostitution, gambling and heavy drinking.

We prayed that God would open the ears of the people in the pubs who had not come expecting to hear the Gospel of Christ. As we began to preach, a crowd gathered and in total 31 people gave their lives to Jesus.

Following this rally, a church was planted nearby and at the first service about 100 people were present. A local church has taken on the services and will continue outreach to the area.

Dental and Medical Clinics

DSC04338Hoima has no public dental facilities so people must travel to get assistance. This is physically and financially out of reach for many so they are forced to go without. As part of our mission to Hoima, we set up three different dental facilities and two different medical facilities which served over 1000 people in total.

Joseph, a local man, was treated for dental pain that he had suffered with for two years. He said, “This kindness is a sign that God cares for His people. I have never received treatment for free and the teaching I’ve received on dental hygiene has been a lesson I will have for the rest of my life. Thank you for this service! It has drawn people back to God and has shown people here the strength of Christ’s church.”

Prison Ministry

10467127_1434059843533383_1349966543763292950_oOur time with the prisoners in Hoima was very productive and encouraging. We spent the entire day with the inmates, preaching, worshipping and even shared a meal with them. The prisoners were so encouraged, one even said, “It is a rare thing for us to have a meal like this. It’s like Christmas! Thank you!”

One of the prison leaders said, “When people come to prison, they are hard hearted but the Gospel and regular ministry softens and changes them. Thank you for coming today.”

During our time at the prison, 69 people committed their lives to Christ.

Thank you for playing such a vital role in these lives that have been impacted in Hoima, Uganda. Without you this mission would not have been possible. Please continue to partner with us so that missions like this can keep changing lives all over Africa.

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5,000 households in Kenya malaria free

Malaria listed as one of the top killers in Kenya. Out of the 35 million people in Kenya, 25 million of them are at risk of contracting malaria. It accounts for 20% of all deaths in children under the age of 5 and 20% of all admissions to health facilities.

Two-day malaria training

Your support has enabled an entire region of Kenya to be equipped and trained to stop malaria in it’s tracks. In addition to our week-long evangelistic mission in Isiolo, a two-day course was held in Isiolo for 29 local community health workers. The workers were drawn from 14 different health units around Isiolo county and were trained on prevention, identification, and treatment.

 Last year my 8 year-old daughter died because her malaria was detected too late. If only there had been someone in my community that could have tested her, she may still be alive today. Praise God for the training you have given. I know it will save lives.

Mr. Wario Boru, Chief Health Officer after receiving a sample microscope from African Enterprise on behalf of Remote Health facilities in Isiolo County

The number of malaria cases reported are particularly high in Isiolo. Local health centers are understaffed and under-equipped and in some cases untrained. Because of your support and our partners Bye-Bye malaria, 12 microscopes and glucometers were donated to Isiolo county during the Isiolo Mission and more are on the way. They will be distributed to the community health centres county-wide which will effect more than 5,000 households!

Lucy feels empowered to keep her community Malaria free!

Peter also said, “Health facilities are few and far between in Isiolo. Because of this training I know how to test for and treat malaria which will greatly help people in my village. I’m going to teach what I learned here at home during public meetings.”

Lucy, a Community Health Worker who attended the training said, “Because of this training, I feel confident that I can serve my village in effectively testing people for malaria. I feel very proud! Thank you!”

One local woman in Isiolo was encouraged to hear about our training. She said, “You have honestly been sent here by God to save lives. Malaria is running rampant here. Last year my 8 year-old daughter died because her malaria was detected too late. If only there had been someone in my community that could have tested her, she may still be alive today. Praise God for the training you have given. I know it will save lives.”

Mended lives in Malawi

Because of you, women all over Africa are gaining skills which are helping them toward a future with hope. Many women struggle to support their families and have few skills that will help them earn an income. Together with you and AE Malawi we are giving these vulnerable women the training and life skills that they need to lead a life of dignity.



AE Malawi Tailoring School Graduate – Joyce – 52

Joyce’s husband was abusive and unfaithful. Because of her husbands unfaithfulness, she became infected with HIV. In 2000, Joyce became a Christian which angered her husbands family to such an extent that they poisoned her food in an attempt to kill her. Joyce says, “ I indeed saw the grace of God in sparing my life.” Once divorced in 2001, Joyce found it very difficult to provide for herself. She struggled through daily life dealing with HIV and trying to provide for her needs.

Then in February 2014, a friend who saw her struggle told her about the Tailoring School at African Enterprise Malawi. Joyce said of the training,”Having joined this school, I discovered that I am in a good place where there is comfort and hope. The staff members are believers and they rely on God to make a way in their lives, not only a career in tailoring. Therefore I must thank you for enabling me and other women like me to learn these skills. In addition to tailoring, I have learned how to live with people from different cultures and about how to love in spite of differences. My life has been changed not only because I have new skills, but because I am closer with God and I understand more about loving people. Thank you!”

Thank you for making it possible for Joyce’s life to be mended. Pray for her and she continues forward to use her new found skills. Visit our website to read more stories of lives transformed and partner with us as we continue to transform Africa through the power of Christ. www.africanenterprise.com

Because of you I have been given a life of dignity…

Mavis had to drop out of school when she lost her mother. She began trading on the street to earn money for food. “Sometimes I would be on the street all day without making a sale. On those days I would have to go without food.”


Mavis receiving her certificate

Because of our AE partners, 14 young people are walking toward a brighter future in Ghana. African Enterprise Ghana’s Street Children Apprenticeship Project recently saw all of it’s students graduate with certificates in skills that will give them more opportunities then they’ve ever had before. Many of the students, like Mavis, joined the program as a last hope.

“Because of AE supporters I have new skills that will help me make a better life! Today I have two certificates to my credit and one day I will also help teach new skills to people in need.” Mavis said.


Graduates from the decor and catering program



Emmanuel graduated with a certificate in tailoring

“I have come to realise that the love of God must be demonstrated by our way of life. I don’t know what might have happened to me if I hadn’t had this wonderful opportunity. I am so grateful to God that I must serve Him with all my heart.” -Emmanuel

Thank you for helping transforming these young people’s lives. It’s because of you and by God’s wonderful grace that they have brighter futures.

Together WE CAN transform Africa with the Gospel of Jesus. Visit our website to find out more about how you can become a part of this project.


Update from Hoima Town Mission – Uganda


Prisoners in an Hoima prison hearing the Gospel with help from a translator

The Hoima Town Mission in Uganda is well underway with the team having already held outreach meetings in over 30 churches. Hundreds have made decisions for Christ after hearing the saving message of the cross!
Yesterday the mission team conducted an in-reach at a local prison. They also cooked a meal for the prisoners and ate with them. Many made decisions for Christ and were overcome saying, “It’s just like Christmas! Thank you AE!”.

“It’s just like Christmas! Thank you AE!


Prisoners responding to the hearing Gospel!

The team are also conducting medical missions in the town. Women and children are being given free medical and dental care which are financially out of reach for many.

Women and children waiting to be seen by the AE medical team

Women and children waiting to be seen by the AE medical team


Please continue to pray for the Hoima Town Mission Team. They’re currently doing three days of gospel rallies followed by a dinner outreach for business people. Pray for open ears to hear and heed the Good News.


Update from Isiolo Mission – Kenya


Isiolo Mission volunteers cleaning up the streets

The Isiolo Mission in Kenya is underway and already making waves in the city. On Saturday the 28th of June, the AE Mission Team and volunteer missionaries hit the streets with the aim to clean up the city, literally! With brush and pan in hand, they spent the day clearing debris and rubbish from the city streets.
The Deputy Governor was in attendance to thank African Enterprise for their service to the city of Isiolo and even took part in some of the cleaning himself.


Isiolo Governor taking part in the cleaning

On Sunday, the outreach portion of the mission began. Over 2000 people gathered at Deliverance Church in Isiolo to be commissioned with the task of reaching the city. Included in the 2000 present were nearly all the pastors in the Isiolo area as well as people from Canada, Japan, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi and Rwanda. Kenyan missionaries came from all over Kenya as well including areas like Kiambu, Kerugoya, Embu, Nairobi, and more!



Isiolo Mission outreach volunteers gather to be commissioned for outreach.

Please continue to keep this mission in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for open hearts and many opportunities for Christ’s love to shine in Isiolo.

Isiolo & Hoima Town Missions begin tomorrow!


Tomorrow, the 26th of June, the AE Kenya Isiolo mission and the Uganda Hoima Town mission will begin. Please join us in praying for these cities as scores of volunteers arrive equipped and ready to share the good news of Jesus.


ImageKenya – Isiolo Mission

Isiolo is an up-and-coming town located approximately 200 km north of Nairobi. Recent government plans have targeted Isiolo for revitalisation with focus on tourism by 2020 due to it’s close proximity to large, unspoilt wildlife parks.  AE Kenya, along with over 70 partner churches and more 160 volunteers will be descending on Isiolo this with the purpose to build Christ into the city’s new foundation.
The Kenyan team will be running a variety of outreaches throughout the mission including open air mission rallies, door to door evangelism, and institution ministry including hospitals, schools and prisons. Outreaches will be held targeting people in almost every phase of life from the poor to the clergy.

Uganda – Hoima Town Mission

ImageIn the last 10 years Hoima Town has exploded in size and resources. Oil depositories discovered nearby have boosted the economy and made Hoima a hive of activity. The increased opportunities brought many more families and facilities to the area as well.
The Ugandan AE team is nearly 300 people strong including 10 medical doctors and four dentists. They will be holding four Gospel rallies, some free clinics, and will preaching in 22 different institutions including hospitals, schools and prisons. They will also be holding three leaders dinners and have set aside six days for door to door evangelism.

In addition to Isiolo and Hoima being reached we must thank God for the nearly 460 combined African Christians who are standing up to make Christ known in their own nations. They go out to these cities having been equipped and trained on how to share the Gospel to people who do not know the love of Christ. We thank God for them and pray that they would continue to use that knowledge to share Christ with people in their day to day lives when they return home.

Please pray for these teams as they step out in faith to see cities changed for Jesus. Pray for open doors and hearts to the message of Christ’s love. Please pray for good weather and good health and that nothing would impede the Kenyan and Ugandan teams from moving ahead with this mission in Jesus’ name.


Hope for S. Sudaneese Refugees in Kakuma Camp


Families in Kakuma Refugee Camp Praying for peace in South Sudan

Mary was forced from her home in South Sudan by violence and hunger. She fled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwestern Kenya desperate for a safe place to live. Kakuma hosts approximately 138,000 people who have fled from a variety of areas. It is well above its capacity and there is a lack of basic resources.

African Enterprise’s recent Peace and Reconciliation training in Juba ministered to those who have been affected by the violence and remain in South Sudan. As a part of this initiative African Enterprise supplied much needed resources to the thousands who like Mary have been displaced by the terrible violence in South Sudan.

“When I arrived at the camp there were no mosquito nets or blankets”, Mary said. “The camps are infected with mosquitoes and other dangerous insects. I’m so thankful to African Enterprise for providing me with these necessities.”Image

Over three days during May 2014 African Enterprise managed to reach more than 7000 people in the Kakuma Refugee Camp with the Gospel of Peace and with much needed supplies. The people danced with joy over the new blankets and children could hardly contain their joy for their new shoes and books.

Pastor Thomas from a local Christian Church said, “African Enterprise is an amazing example of the true love of Christ. The shoes and books for the children are a miraculous answer to prayer. This camp is full of thorny bushes and the children often injure their feet while playing which can open them up to infection and disease. Praise God for African Enterprise and all of the people involved in bringing these much needed resources.”

Please pray for African Enterprise and its continued work among the Refugee Camps. Pray for the refugees in the camps and especially for understanding and peace between opposite tribes within the camps.

ImageThank you to our AE supporters who made this missions possible. If you would like to find out about how to get involved in these projects please visit our website.

Vulnerable Women Restored



Source: Photopedia

“If we stand where others have fallen, it’s to raise our hands to heaven in praise and to spread our arms as shade for the weary. The Lord enables us to be a tree of rest for others.” Julie Ackerman

African Enterprise runs regular rehabilitation projects for prostitutes desperately seeking a better life. Women enrolled in the programme are given valuable skills like soap making, batik, and baking which will help them move forward into a more productive future. Many women come to the programme as a last resort and with not where else to turn. During the course of the training, the women take part in Bible Study and are told about a God who loves them unconditionally.

Here are a couple of their stories..



Melissa’s Story…

 26 years old and the first born of her parents. She never knew her father and when her mother passed away she was pushed into the role of bread winner for her three siblings. This made life very challenging for her and so she turned to prostitution,“After all, we must live whatever the cost.” she said. As a result Melissa eventually became pregnant and life became increasingly unbearable. At one point she narrowly escaped death at the hands of one of her clients. The man demanded that she give him all her money and her phone. When she refused the man assaulted her ruthlessly. Without the timely intervention of a taxi driver, she would have been killed. During this time, Melissa considered committing suicide but endured for the sake of her child and three siblings. Fortunately, a friend mentioned the African Enterprise Prostitute Rehabilitation Project to her so she went to inquire about it as her last hope.

By the grace of God, she has been led to Jesus Christ. She is now happy so thankful to God for the changes in her life. Because of African Enterprise, she has been equipped with vocational skills that will help her walk toward a better life not just for her, but also for her family.

On April 12, 2014 Melissa graduated from the programme. Brimming with pride and appreciation to the sponsors of African Enterprise she prayed for God’s blessings for all who contributed to better her life. Because of African Enterprise, Melissa is able to go forward in life to be the mother and provider that she needs to be. She also knows who her Provider is. Thank you to those who played a part in making her training possible.

Please pray for Melissa as she leaves the programme. Pray that she has courage in this new life and stays close the the Lord.


Setina’s Story

Setina is 21 years and is also one of the recent graduates. Setina entered training as a Muslim and has graduated as a committed Christian! Praise God!

Setina is from Northern Ghana, a predominantly Islamic region. After completing Junior High School, her parents tried to force her into early marriage. She refused and ran away to live with a friend in Accra. Unfortunately, her friend was a prostitute and encouraged her to join the profession promising that she would earn a lot of money.

Setina worked as a prostitute for four years. When she eventually stopped she found she had no other trade or skills to produce income. By God’s Grace she was invited to a previous Rehabilitation Project graduation. Shortly after she contacted the project manager and was registered to start in February.

Since beginning the training, her life has been transformed. She has accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and she is very active in the Bible study class. Setina was very committed to the training and was eager to learn new skills that she can use to make a new life.

She graduated in April with smiles of great hope along with the other 21 ladies whose lives have been transformed. However, Setina was awarded with the title of ‘Best Overall’ in the training given by Rev. Isaac Owusu Asare.

Please pray for Setinatu as she is walking forward into a new life with a new faith. Please pray that she continues to seriously attend church and pray for protection from persecution from other Muslims. She plans to report to the AE Ghana office regularly and we’re looking forward to continually supporting her in this new life.

If you’d like to find out more about supporting similar works or you’d like to join African Enterprise in it’s mission to evangelise the cities of Africa in word and deed in partnership with the church, please visit www.africanenterprise.com.

*Due to the sensitive nature of this project names and locations have been changed.

Lives changed after Foxfires minister in Mariannridge Methodist Church, South Africa


Zane’s Story:

African Enterprises’ Foxfires recently ministered at Mariannridge Methodist Church in South Africa. Zane was one of those in attendance and his life was completely changed by the message of the Gospel.  He once spent his time with a local gang whose only focus was to find the next drink but now he is only thirsty for God. In spite of being Imageilliterate he is present at every Bible study and is quick to invite people to join him. He has shared with the team that he feels at peace with himself and no longer considers suicide. He is also actively trying to reconcile with his family.

Join us in praising God for this young man that has come into the Kingdom and for the Foxfire team who are passionately bringing the Kingdom of God to the hurting.

Disbanded Gangs

Also present at the meeting were a group of boys who were living in Mandela Park and involved in gang activities. Since the meeting at Mariannridge Church the gang has disbanded and the boys have gone their separate ways. One of the boys approached the Foxfire team asking for help to get off drugs. He was sent to a mission centre nearby and is now off drugs, happy and praising God.